Edmonton's Best Foam Parties

What is a Foam Party?

It's new and it's epic fun! Foam Parties are all the rage at events and resorts around the world, and now available in Edmonton and area. You can have your very own foam party right in your backyard! It's the best new party idea to come along in a long time and suitable for all ages. Our super easy to use foam machines put out a ton of fluffy bubbles in only minutes. The foam bubbles are non-toxic and biodegradable so you can be sure that our foam parties are just good, clean fun! Foam Party bubbles are so much fun to play in and refreshingly cool on a hot summer day.

Why Have a Foam Party?

We say why not have a foam party? It's getting harder to find a new and fun party idea and we think that Foam Parties are the answer. Our foam party packages are affordable, easily portable, easy to use and it's enjoyed by all ages. Our foam machines and foam pits are simple, lightweight and the easiest foam equipment to use of any on the market. Our instructional video outline every set of the process so that you can be assured of a smooth foam party. We use only dermatologist approved safe foam powder from a reputable supplier so that you cab be sure your foam party is safe for your guests, pets and the environment. Any remaining bubbles from your party simply dissolve without causing any harm to your grass or landscaping. Foam parties are a great party idea for birthdays, youth groups, sports teams, grad parties, community events and the list goes on.

How to Set Up a Foam Party

All you need is an area of approx for your party, we recommend a grassy area approximately 20' x 20', one electrical outlet for the foam machine, a second electrical outlet for the foam pit if you chose that optional add-on, and a garden hose water supply. It's really as easy as mixing the foam powder packet and water in the supplied 5 gallon bucket, setting up the tripod stand and foam machine, connecting the garden hose, and plugging in the foam machine. Bingo, your easily making a mountain of foam in only 5 minutes! Give us a call to book your party and choose from convenient customer pick up option, or have us come and deliver and set up you foam party for you. Our instructional video and our friendly staff are available for guide you along.

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Foam Cannon
New for the 2019 season is the Foam Cannon. Just when we thought the foam parties couldn't get any better the foam cannon comes along. Spraying foam into the air for even more bubble and even more fun!

As Katie the 10 year old birthday girl put it "It's like epic!".

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